To fulfill the Great Commission and proclaim God's prophetic message to all mankind by means of the awesome World Wide Web.

The core task of AdventWeb is to construct and publish information websites that effectively share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and communicate the message of God's prophets to all mankind, especially the warning of the Three Angels of Revelation chapter 14. The goal is to educate the masses of humanity and prepare mankind for the profound events leading up to the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. O
f special importance is the objective to share divine truth from the Scriptures in regard to the ongoing monumental struggle between good and evil, and to effectively warn mankind about the profound and terrible deception that is to be perpetrated by the Antichrist and his forces of evil just before the soon appearing of Jesus at his glorious Second Coming.

As a secondary mission to supplement the task of website construction, AdventWeb promotes and facilitates Web communication as a strategic methodology to facilitate the completion of the gospel work of Jesus Christ. To this end AdventWeb has published the resource center website for the purpose of "promoting website excellence for Christ".

In furtherance of its mission objectives, AdventWeb is partnering with various individuals and ministries in order to construct and operate several distinct informational websites. Most of these sites are to be based upon the “dot info” (.info) website domain names introduced a few years ago by the Internet authority. Examples of domains acquired by AdventWeb include "", “” and "". The sites are primarily designed for outreach to non-believers and to those who believe, but who do not have the dynamic faith of the spiritual life in Jesus Christ as described in the Holy Scriptures.
Each website is configured to serve the distinct spiritual needs of specific interest groups, for example atheists, Buddhists, secular post-moderns, or back-slidden Christians. The goal of each websites is to present the truth from Scriptures in such a way that it is very apparent to site visitors that God loves them, and offers them a better spiritual way of life, one that is modeled on the teachings of Scripture. The sites shall present information that will prepare God's children for the challenges ahead as we experience the countdown to the Second Advent. It is AdventWeb's prayer and goal that the websites will equip the Believer to be ready and able to stand on the Great Day of God Almighty when his Christ shall come, "For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?" (Revelation 6:17 NIV).